Rickie Fowler On Spring Break

After the intense Masters the boys are back at their spring break ritual.

There is much media following the young players having their fun under the sun. Rickie Fowler was found to be out with his golfer friends as they repeat their spring break this year as well. Their holiday destination was at Baker’s Bay during the Easter weekend. They have now gained the nickname of being the crew of Baker’s Bay, the four young players being Smylie Kaufman, Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler. They have even created a Snapchat filter of theirs to capture moments of fun during the break. Fowler ended up at the eleventh position while Thomas has finished in 22nd position at the Augusta National this year. Kaufman was left unqualified for the Masters this time, but he did play with Spieth last year as a final pairing. The friends have been having a ball, playing golf barefoot, drinks and days in the sun as they now have three top ranked golfers among them.

Rickie could not manage to come in the top ten at the end of the Masters tournament this year. He has however made it in the top ten lists of players who have not won a Major till date. The wait continues for Fowler as it has gone amiss this year. Both Spieth and Fowler put in efforts on the greens, but Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia are the ones who pulled off the first and second places finally. Fowler feels that he bogeyed the three holes at the end that did not help his overall performance. He had a good start with a birdie at number three. Spieth feels that his performance was probably helping Fowler and at the end, they achieved all they could. It definitely has helped them up the ranks of the international golfing community.