In the tribune of golfers, Steve Stricker wrote an open letter to current and aspiring PGA Tour players, sharing experiences he has learnt in his career.

As shared by Steve, he got into the 1997 tour campaign with gusto following a strong performance the season prior. At the 1997 Pebble Beach pro-am, he was paired with the fledgling superstar Tiger Woods as the round took his career into a breakdown.

Steve’s letter: “Repeatedly, I would really connect with a drive but ultimately ended up seeing that Tiger’s ball had landed 40 to 50 yards far beyond mine.

“After we had completed the first half, I explained to Nicki, my wife and caddy, what I had been thinking since the moment we left the course: ‘I don’t think I can compete with that kind of game, I just can’t compete with that.’

“That exactly happened to be the first big blow to my self-trust being a golf player. In my mind, at that moment, it truly seemed as though all of the time and effort I had put into the game of golf had been rendered utterly meaningless.”

Stricker’s game went downhill, ultimately losing his tour card in 2004, but he jacked back, and was awarded the Comeback Player of the Year in 2006 as he moved up to second in the world golf rankings.

He now highlighted an honest reason for the impetus behind his letter, hoping that what happened to him can be something to learn from, for all upcoming and other young professionals in the game as well.

He also mentioned another line of advice which he went on to say could be very common, but incredibly vital as well, asking them not to try and fix anything that is not broken.