Stricker All-Relaxed Before Zurich Classic

Great news for Stricker fans who have been all looking forward to see the champion golfer back in action post his surgery- the former #2 has confirmed that he is all-relaxed prior to the 2015 Zurich Classic.

Steve had a critical surgery on his back in 2014 & post his recovery in 2015, he is not playing full time as he is not 100 percent okay in regards to fitness. This year he started off with Augusta National and Zurich Classic 2015 is the next ground for him this year.

Albeit the golfer is yet to recover a lot yet he is hoping high to secure a berth for himself at Ryder Cup, even when Seniors Tour is about to take place on his 50th year.

“It does not matter which tournament I take part in- I am determined to appear all-prepared & looking forward to come up with my best”, stated Steve in one of his recent press conferences.

“Although it is just my 2nd event this year post surgery yet I am carrying great expectations regarding my ability & about what must be doing at the tournament. Thus, I will come with the positive thought that I would play well.

However, deep down my heart, I do understand that it is a long process & I have to work really hard to play well.”

“I am possibly slightly more relaxed regarding anything now in comparison to what I was a decade back as I was trying hard to find the game. I must say that at present I am very much comfortable the way I am & my stints on tournaments are some good bonus for me.”

“I have relaxed my golf schedule in the past few years & this is a major reason behind my attitude towards playing now.”