Martin Kaymer Thrusts Into Pinehurst While Maintaining His Record

Kaymer hit a birdie which was very significant. It was very significant of Kaymer to hit a birdie. He had a lead of five strokes which was more secure than the advantage of four strokes. The way he achieved was impactful. The match seemed to be perfect.

His bogey of 20 foot putt, then an iron shot in the set limit of 10 feet putting fifth on the eagle put him in a significant position. His number of bogeys reached to 6 and then shots were dropped at 15 and 13. But the gap became narrow at four. Then three holes were redoubtable but then a third birdie made him secure of his position. This is how he claimed his major championship which was the second.

Although he did not play well in the first two days seeing his momentum rising and watching the replay of the match playing good shots made him confident about himself. But staying focused in the match was difficult as on the other end Rory Mcllroy, Rose and Adam Scott did not play as well as they should have. So the lead really helped Kaymer to get his momentum on course and perform under pressure. His score in the match was quite impressive with sand saves, hits in fairways, number of putts, hits on the green and distance of average driving.

Every other player pushed himself to be at the top and crossing over. But important inroads could only be made by Kaymer and not by other players. Peaking at the right time has been Kaymer’s forte at the Pinehurst. He recorded good slips at an opportune time. The lapse came after many holes and had to take a shot at penalty point. It was a forced shot played by the man who won Players Championship.