World No. 1 ranked golfer Luke Donald has stated that slow play is killing the game after watching few players playing at a slow pace in Hyundai Tournament of Champions’ final round. Slow play is the biggest concern in golf at the moment. Each week, players competing for purses and they take care of each shot during a round since a wrong shot may make the difference in their check.

Each year, national golf publication releases a list mentioning slow play offenders on tour. The shame of being marked as a slowpoke has not stopped few players as they still take over a minute to hit a shot.

Current No. 1 Luke Donald decided to post his opinion on the social networking site twitter after Jonathan Byrd and Steve Stricker put on the clock in Hyundai Tournament of Champions’ final round.

Luke went on to tweet, “It’s not that hard, be ready when it’s your turn. Slow play is killing our sport”

Luke even offered a suggestion to solve the problem, but later he realized that his battle against slow play is a doomed cause at this point of time.

“I could rant all day long, don’t think anything will ever change as the slow players don’t realize they are slow” tweeted the World No. 1 golfer.

Well, we may agree with Luke as one of the primary reasons the golfing universe has dwindled, in recent times, is because in part to the time it takes to play a round.

Professional golfers should be a model for amateur golfers. If professionals fail to follow the pace of play rules, then armatures may consider this to be the real norm and that could be the worst scenario anyone expects to see in the sport.

The PGA tour must start imposing stern penalties, for repeat offenders to deal with the problem.